Mermaids away from home

I recently moved to a different continent and it sure feels like the other side of the world to me. I live at the US Pacific coast now, a nine hour time difference away from home. When my day starts, my family and friends at home are just about to end their workday to start … Continue reading Mermaids away from home


Art is resuscitating a dying beauty

I come from a really small region in the south of Italy. It is wild, authentic, slow. It is high and low, sunny and cold, colourful and dark. It is also poor, lost in its own life inertia, reluctant to changes and too often ignored by the outside world. I love my region, I love … Continue reading Art is resuscitating a dying beauty

In search of the Christmas glory

I’ve always loved wintertime. The cold, the sparkle of fresh snow, the sound when you walk on icy sidewalks. Baking cookies, having tea, reading books under a warm blanket. I just love it. Especially Christmas. This time of the year when you go home to see your family and friends to simply be together and … Continue reading In search of the Christmas glory