“My God is the God of the wayfarers”

I am not a religious person. I was raised Catholic, I did all the Church steps till I was a teenager. Then I started to think, and I realized that I did not find myself in that. I believe in humans. I believe that their abilities are far bigger than we realize. I believe that … Continue reading “My God is the God of the wayfarers”


The Portuguese way

I left Italy many years ago. Since then I have been happy, and I have been sad. I have been explaining over and over the Italian gestures and I had fun every time. I left many people on the way. Many good friends left behind by the different rhythm our lives took. I also met … Continue reading The Portuguese way

Art is resuscitating a dying beauty

I come from a really small region in the south of Italy. It is wild, authentic, slow. It is high and low, sunny and cold, colourful and dark. It is also poor, lost in its own life inertia, reluctant to changes and too often ignored by the outside world. I love my region, I love … Continue reading Art is resuscitating a dying beauty


It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. Edmund Hillary

In the jar of life!

No time in your busy life to pause and spend an evening with loved ones? Philipp Schneider’s illustration shows you otherwise. via The Jar of Life: First Things First — Discover

From handwarmers to snowflakes and what they have in common

This weekend the winter really arrived. It is freezing cold out here and I finally get my hopes up for some snow to arrive (pleaaase!). Ever since I was a small child, snow raised fascination inside myself as it probably did for most children. And also now, every year I hope for a white Christmas. … Continue reading From handwarmers to snowflakes and what they have in common

Total Eclipse of the Heart

2016 was shit. Since the end of summer I felt like the weeks went by, but time stood still at the same time... if that makes any sense at all. To be fair, spring was still ok, only summer, autumn and winter were crap. But there were silver linings and with the end of this … Continue reading Total Eclipse of the Heart

In search of the Christmas glory

I’ve always loved wintertime. The cold, the sparkle of fresh snow, the sound when you walk on icy sidewalks. Baking cookies, having tea, reading books under a warm blanket. I just love it. Especially Christmas. This time of the year when you go home to see your family and friends to simply be together and … Continue reading In search of the Christmas glory

You don’t have a Christmas Gift? – Worry no longer!

Hey everyone, okay, honestly I am quite nervous to write the first blog entry here. Isn't it annoying how you always think people judge you? Well, maybe that is just me. Anyways, we shouldn't say or not say something because of being afraid to be judged or valued in any way... And actually this post … Continue reading You don’t have a Christmas Gift? – Worry no longer!