From handwarmers to snowflakes and what they have in common

This weekend the winter really arrived. It is freezing cold out here and I finally get my hopes up for some snow to arrive (pleaaase!). Ever since I was a small child, snow raised fascination inside myself as it probably did for most children. And also now, every year I hope for a white Christmas. … Continue reading From handwarmers to snowflakes and what they have in common


Let’s go shopping in Congo!

While I was reading about environmental problems and land use, I stumbled upon a news that shocked me quite a bit. Well, I guess that it is a common knowledge that we, the humankind, are quite dirty, greedy, gluttonous being. We like to eat a lot, often we eat to much (I encourage you to … Continue reading Let’s go shopping in Congo!

Not so ferocious after all!

Today I was at my computer in my office, when a colleague of mine stopped by to ask me something. The first thing I noticed was her shirt. Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and Pterodactyls all over the place! This immediately brought my memory back when I was 10, and my father coming back for a trip brought … Continue reading Not so ferocious after all!