About Us

We are a bunch of guys spread around the world, sharing their views of the present and pieces of their life. This is a brainstorm of experiences, feelings, angers, excitements. This is a place for sharing, for laughing, thinking, smiling, wowing. This is a place to make you reconsider what you always pushed away, and to make you aware of what you always ignored. The “open brain surgery” of your knowledge starts here!



BrainSurgeon: paranoid and confused, “I want to do everything” kind of guy, aspiring scientist, retired rock-star, dog-lover, life explorer



ZoraAurora:  lover of rough seas and high latitudes, roller coaster addict, hopeless romantic, cloud spotter



Symbiolism:  confused, chaotic, laugh addict, deep sea explorer, bad jokes maker (that’s what I am told when I laugh my bud off), bicycle lover


serSO: “I’m too smart to be not humble”