The Night of the living dead

Horror movies have not only been merely tools of entertainment, as it might appear today. Nowadays horror movies are meticulously planned with well crafted scenic designs, stunning photography, and “bu”-effects that aim at keeping the tension high.

There was a time instead when real life fears were narrate through grim symbolisms. In this respect, Zombies have been often used as a tool of social criticism in the past. They have always  represented the deviants, the marginalized ones, the exploited ones, the bottom rung of a social pyramid that has never tried to evolve itself throughout the centuries. Such interpretation can already be given to the first movies on these thematic, such as “White Zombie”, which was released in 1932

On this line, in the 1968 the masterpiece of Romero, “The Night of the living dead”, came out. We are in the hot years of the cultural revolution and the movie absorbs in itself crucial social thematics of that age, such as the power, the egoism, the racism and the fear of the neighbour that is different from us. Ben, Barbara, Harry, Helen, Tom and Judy are thrown in a surreal situation, of which they known absolutely nothing about. To survive they will need to face themselves and their fears at first…

A great movie of the past, that is sadly still of actuality more then ever.


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