Soul concussions

I always hated the people that were talking or living life as a movie/song quote. You know, this kind of people that when life sucked answered “It cannot rain all the time” (cit. for the movie “The Crow”). It sounded so superficial and childish.

I remember that when I was a teenager a couple of friends a me used to make up quotes and write them on the books of our class mates signing them as “Jim Morrison” or “Brandon Lee”. We felt cool, making fun of the inflated use of the the poetry of great artists.

Then life went on. I got older. I start reading more. I found here and there sentences in books, movies, songs that made me think a lot. A few seconds of reading or listening that made me look at the sky and go over my life, re-interpreting what I did, looking inside my self in a different way, looking at my future self in a unexpected way. As today, I often find myself reading some quotes and finding in them the smile that makes my day going. I find in them the strength to shut down the million of voices in my mind. It really feels like a concussion (“temporary damage of the brain caused by a fall or hit on the head or by violent shaking”, Cambridge Dictionary). A hit, a shake, that wakes you up, that opens another eye, another door in you mind, in your soul. If you spend time to think about it, it is really as entering for few seconds or minutes another dimension. It adds a pieces of colour to your life.

So, why not sharing some of the quotes we find inspiring?

You can read more in our new section “Soul concussions”.

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