Drumroll drumroll…slice of Life!

I usually ask questions. Many questions. Maybe too many. But when I find an interesting person, or a person with an interesting hobby or job or story, my curiosity usually wins over my politeness. After that I always feel richer. Sometimes, also happened that I found the chat (which often becomes and interview with me in the vest of a picky annoying “policemen”) inspiring.

Everyone of us knows inspiring persons, or smart persons, or creative, or artistic, or athletic, or brave, or particularly skilled in playing the pan-flute or changing dirty diaper. Sometimes those people would deserve to be famous, in the sense of being known by others and serve as a source of inspiration, of joy, of happiness. Therefore, why not share their realities, why not enjoy for few minutes a reality far away from ours, why not enjoying a new “slice of life”!

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Artwork in the header image by Ver Eversum art lab


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