Total Eclipse of the Heart

2016 was shit. Since the end of summer I felt like the weeks went by, but time stood still at the same time… if that makes any sense at all. To be fair, spring was still ok, only summer, autumn and winter were crap. But there were silver linings and with the end of this year getting very close I have to share one with you.

Two weeks ago an evening at the Christmas market took an unexpected turn and spontaneously changed into one of my favorite memories from the past year. I’m not sure if all the Glühwein and beer may have helped in making it extra special, but it also doesn’t really matter. We were on the streets in Bremen when a party started in a bar close by. People were wearing power ranger suits and leo-print jackets. They were pretending to ride racing bikes and the winner of each fake-bike-race could choose a song that was then played on a big screen, including lyrics and music video (I was not taking any other drug besides the alcohol). We were dancing on the street, singing along when this stupid song came on: Bonnie Tyler – Total eclipse of the heart. I never liked Bonnie Tyler or the song, but in this moment it was perfect. I was crazy happy.


Ok, so what you have to try now is:

  1. Make sure you are in a place where you can sing, scream and dance and no one cares (like the streets in Berlin, where I am right now)
  2. Put on the song on very high volume (also very good on a MP3 player when you are outside, because you will smile like a crazy person when it comes on)
  3. Sing along and use very dramatic gestures and body language while you do it
  4. Repeat until you feel like you are super silly and very happy


This is it. Total eclipse of the heart.


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