You don’t have a Christmas Gift? – Worry no longer!

Hey everyone,

okay, honestly I am quite nervous to write the first blog entry here. Isn’t it annoying how you always think people judge you? Well, maybe that is just me. Anyways, we shouldn’t say or not say something because of being afraid to be judged or valued in any way… And actually this post is about something important and deserves to be said – so keep focused for the next few lines…

As it is Christmas very soon, everyone encounters the problem of thinking about Christmas gifts for their loved ones (well, and the ones that you have to give a gift – just kidding ;-)). And while it is quite nerve-wrecking from time to time, I also think it is great to sometimes be forced to think about how you could make someone, who means something to you, happy for a moment or longer. And that’s exactly where it gets difficult. If you don’t find “THE” gift that makes someone happy or smile – then you usually end up buying some kind of useless stuff just to not stand there empty-handed. But I found that one of the presents that made me most happy was actually a charity gift in my name, helping poor children that are not as lucky as us. This first of all made me very happy and touched and second (and most important) of all, some child in the world be less hungry. Well, and third, I didn’t have to put some thing I don’t need into a drawer were it collects dust over the years and is never used again. Don’t get me wrong – I love getting, unwrapping and giving Christmas gifts. But it shouldn’t be for the sake of the present itself. This year I found a charity organization in Vienna selling help-packages of any kind: a donkey for helping a family to build a life in Africa, food for a child for one month, education packages for children, help packages for children in Aleppo (!!), and so on. At this page you can buy these and many more tiny to big options for helping other people. And while you also get funny extra gimmicks such as T-shirts, consumables, etc to still have a small thing to unwrap, the actual present arrives at a far more needed end. And there are many more organizations like this one in many countries. And let me tell you, people will be happy to receive a present like this. So if you don’t have a Christmas gift for a special someone yet, worry no longer, buy a goat =)

Merry Christmas everyone!


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