What you will see, what you will listen to, already lives in you.

“Be open and learn something new everyday”. This is the sentence that I repeat myself every morning. Having a routine, a rehearsed schedule is something that makes us feel in peace and safe. Having our music play-list ready to hear, is something that makes us feel protected from the enemy outside our headphones. However, sometimes not being open means missing great experiences.

I recently realized that I have been quite strict about my musical taste. I felt as if I never left my “musical childhood”. Then some of my closest friends started two musical projects that made me make the “jump”. A bunch of guys from different parts of Italy brought together a mix of influences that translated in music that talks about saints and dragons, Greek rituals, southern ceremonies, personal introspection and spiritual journey. This is not the type of music that you play to jump up and down in the room till the sealing of the neighbour will come down. Neither is the type of music you listen to as long as the eardrums of your partner/parent/children holds. This is a ritual, a ceremony, a storm, a continuous evolution of emotions.

Being open can led you to make unexpected experiences, feel unexpected emotions, see what you have never seen before. And this journey can start everywhere, from a book, a new job, new friends, and new music. This is the perfect spirit to experience this music. Turn of the light, sit down, relax, and let the music led you in places of yourself you have never been before!


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